We think these changes are down to AKG’s attempt to create something a bit closer to the very popular Beats Solo. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. dポイントやau WALLETポイント、JAL・ANAマイルが貯まる! This is effectively AKG injecting a bit more style into its classic portable headphones. “What you have here is a rare example of headphones that are Inline remote control and microphone on a detachable cable. Is there a downside? They’re on-ear, bold in design and have a slightly bassy sound that puts that extra bit of energy into your music. Andrew Williams is a technology writer, who has contributed to Stuff, WIRED, TechRadar, T3, Wareable and, of course, Trusted Reviews. They also fold up for portability. Treble is fairly detailed and articulate but smooth, offering sound that while pretty satisfying is also very easy on the ear. Powerful audio performance with intense, deep bass response and well-defined, crisp high-mids and highs. While AKG certainly makes better headphones, this is gunning to be the best stylish at the price. These are excellent headphones for banishing the noise of passing cars and roaring bus engines (granted, those new-fangled electric buses are pretty quiet anyway). The sound is extraordinary by wireless standards, easily good enough to pass for a good wired performance. Gone is the large-lettered branding on the brightly coloured earcups; instead, the new Y500s come in shimmery green, blue, pink and black metallic finishes that look appealing. The glossy aluminum caps on the ear cups feature a huge AKG logo, so big in fact that parts of it don’t even fit on the cups. AKG, another Harman brand, has released its Y50 On-Ear Headphones ($100), designed with portable listening in mind. AKG Y50 – Design The AKG Y50 are on-ear headphones. It’s not often we see budget headphones get this much this right. With a detachable cable you can use alternative cables, and if the cable is … Other Products We Considered The BestReviews editorial team researches hundreds of products based on consumer reviews, brand quality, and value. What Hi-Fi? Rip-off prices are pretty much alien to this brand. Still, the same was true of the old AKG K451 and they’re a long-standing budget favourite. They use large, deep (synthetic) leather-topped pads that will instantly fit to just about any head thanks to cups that pivot in two directions. The AKG Y500 wireless headphones are priced at Rs. What you have here is a rare example of headphones that are equally excellent across audio performance, features, design and build quality. But bang on the price these are among the very best on-ear headphones you can get. AKG Y50 Headphone review Pro-grade headphones with a pro-sumer price By Maxwell Barbanell 22 July 2014 Shares Our Verdict Entry-level studio quality headphones for … AKG Y50BT Bluetooth Headphones Review - Are they worth it? They’re on-ear, bold in design and have a slightly bassy sound that … AKG 【限定特価在庫品】ヘッドホン 283_M Y50 をお得に買うなら、デジタル家電通販サイト「ノジマオンライン」で! A reduction in the price means that you can now pick them up for well under the original £150. They retail for £90, but a cursory search will find them on sale for £49-69. is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. AKG’s closed-back headphone design is any music lover’s first step to isolating the sounds one wants to hear versus those competing for one’s concentration and overall space. AKG Y50 on Ear Headphones Premium DJ-Style Teal Blue Y50TEL Japan Import 3.9 out of 5 stars 15. Still, they should keep cool enough for a train journey. And if you’re going to be wearing a set for more than a few hours at a time, consider a full-size pair instead – while comfy they do naturally put some pressure on your ear cartilage. Despite the stainless-steel headband being wafer-thin, it’s durable – surviving a few yanks during our test – and ample cushioning underneath is good enough protection for your head. We like the creative design, but don’t mistake it for a low-quality gimmick – these are exceptionally well made headphones. Take the headband, for instance: towards the top of its arc it flattens out instead of continuing its natural curve in order to stick closer to your head. Here’s our review. The soundstage is also quite different to the portable AKG sets of the past. This is the Bluetooth cousin of the Y50, and apart from just the bluetooth aspect, there’s more to it. Teeny-tiny earpieces have been switched with much bigger ones. We think it might just have done it. The new Y500s remain on-ear designs, with a cushioned, adjustable headphone band and memory foam ear cups. Review. Thank you for signing up to What Hi-Fi?. Mid-firm headband tension means the AKG Y50 have enough grip for joggers, but the pads have a soft-enough feel to avoid feeling like your head is being gripped. © They currently offer more than 80 different headphone models, and here we review the … AKG Y50BT — Design and comfort The AKG Y50BT are on-ear headphones, but larger than most of this type. When we reviewed the AKG Y50BTs back in 2015, we were just as impressed by the superb wireless on-ears as by their wired AKG Y50 counterparts. 2 offers from $222.74. Consequentially the market has become saturated with loud (in every sense of the word) Beats-like headphones for better and for worse. They have a chunky, exuberant style … The AKG Y500 is the latest in … Still, if you’re part of the anti-bass brigade, you might not like the bass emphasis going on here: as it to be expected of an entry-level set, its bass integration is not perfect. Review: AKG Y50 On-Ear Headphones. Revelling in the song’s cheerful beat and quick tempo, top timing and rhythmic, punchy expression are their forte. But is it worth £100 extra? Their bold look is perhaps a little out of character for the Austrian company, but it’s a clear step towards refreshing its entire headphone collection (which until now has largely consisted of the famous K Series) and attracting a younger market. We have the Y50BT headphones with us today and our first impressions of this pair are really nice. The only people we can imagine not getting on with the AKG Y50 are those who detest on-ear headphones and those who can’t stand any artificial bass emphasis. Other than that, they are commendably comfortable, especially for an on-ear pair: this kind of headphone is the most prone to comfort issues. I went on AKG's website, and saw a new model - the Y500 - was now available that functions very similar to the Y50 except with a more appealing design (in my opinion). 2. has a detachable cable. Visit our corporate site. We’ll get straight to the point: the AKG Y50BTs are superb. As with most on-ear pairs that use anything but a light grip, though, they’re not perfect for glasses-wearers. The AKG Y50 are less-aggressive-sounding headphones, with a smoother, more natural treble tone and less compressed-sounding mid-range. Similarly, if you can spend more, the Audio Technica ATH-M50x’s bass integration is a little more subtle. Link AKG Audio on Tumbler. These are pretty much universally portable pairs that are usually a bit easier to get away with style-wise than giant full-size sets. 9,999, and promise long battery life plus good sound. When we started testing the AKG Y50 headphones we assumed they were in the £150 price category based on their finish alone. Other than that they have everything you could ask of a portable set: good isolation, decent comfort and style that runs from demure to bold, depending on the colour you pick. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Review AKG Y50BT review Proof that good wireless sound doesn’t have to cost the earth 17300 by Stuff India Desk 06 July 2017 / 15:01IST What’s the story? Their design might not be so typical for AKG headphones, but their sound certainly is. AKG is having a go at a much louder-looking headphone. However, in usual AKG fashion, they keep enough of an eye on balance to keep audio obsessives happy. All rights reserved. by Stuff India Desk. AKG Y50 Review The on-ear and over-ear headphone market is largely dominated by Beats Audio headphones and their popularity has resulted in manufacturers all over trying their best to reproduce the formula that has made them so successful. Phenomenal AKG Y50 over ear lightweight headphones have comfortable fit, studio quality, inline remote & mic and can switch between calls and music easily. A bassy mess they are not. These are pretty much universally portable pairs that are usually a bit easier to get away with style-wise than giant full-size sets. Portability isn’t an issue thanks to a neatly designed mechanism that lets them fold flat and collapse inwards for easy storage. I don't hand out 5-Star Reviews often. What’s the story? Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, AKG has a long history of manufacturing headphones, from studio-centric professional models to consumer-grade and audiophile cans, and their products have often been well reviewed. AKG Y50 AKG Y50 Review by Tim Gideon Oct 10, 2014 Excellent (4.0) Bottom Line The AKG Y50 headphones bring some serious thunder for just $100 … Excelling in sound and style, the Y50s have been Award winners for five years on the trot. There’s nothing too flashy about the Y50 outside of their provocative look – no wireless, no noise cancelling – and the largely plastic construction isn’t going to wow anyone. Review of the AKG Y50 portable on-ear headphones - By TotallydubbedHD - Duration: 9:49. totallydubbedHD 148,234 views. The Y50s don’t fall into the self-destructive trap of style over substance, sounding as cheery as they look with Pharrell Williams’ Happy. 06 July 2017 / 15:01IST. なんと今なら分割金利無 … AKG headphones range greatly in price, so it’s easy to find a reliable budget pair or a professional-quality set of headphones that will last for years. If you are using a screen reader and are having problems using this website, please call (888) 452-4254 for assistance Sometimes an affordable alternative is perfect. AKG Y50 Review AKG (Akustische und Kino-Geräte Gesellschaft mbH) was founded in Vienna in 1947 and to this day the company has been synonymous with high quality sound. Please refresh the page and try again. But from a pure practical standpoint they’re just about perfect. Otherwise, the Y50s don’t put a foot wrong as a pair of portable cans. The 3.5mm-ended cable also has an in-line remote for hands-free smartphone calling. Their inspirational performance is matched by a bold styling and a … I don’t consider myself an audiophile, I am just an average guy that loves music. AKG(アーカーゲー)のBluetoothヘッドフォン「Y50BT」の購入・実機レビュー。価格コムやAmazonで人気の高かったポータブルのワイヤレスヘッドフォンの音質やフィット感、音漏れやデザインなどを評価 … The arms that connect the ear cups to the headband are also more sophisticated-looking than those of the older K-series AKG sets too. They are confident enough to pull off their kind of brashness with charm. Here he test and reviews some of newest mobile, audio and camera d…. The AKG Q701 are great, comfortable headphones for critical listening. The AKG Y500 is a compact, over ear headphone that offers wired and wireless operation with the option to switch noise cancelling on and off. If anything shows how the standard of wireless headphones has evolved from ape to man in recent years, it’s the AKG Y50BTs. AKG, another Harman brand, has released its Y50 On-Ear Headphones ($100), designed with portable listening in mind. Came across a review of the Y50 online, and realized it was generally what I was looking for price and sound wise. AKG Y50 reviews, pros and cons. Le AKG Y50 sono cuffie on-ear. The Y50s don’t fall into the self-destructive trap of style over substance, sounding as cheery as they look with Pharrell Williams’ Happy. Wednesday, May 6, 2015 1:05 PM UTC. AKG Y50BT. Reviewed in the United States on October 2, 2016. AKG has made some of our favourite on-ear headphones in the past, like the bargain-tastic AKG K451, but the Y50 see the company having a crack at a whole new design. The AKG Y50 fit is great too. Sitting just below the flagship Y55 over-ears (£100), the Y50s are part of a three in-ears and three on-ears range. The Y-series is the signature series of In-ear and On-Ear Headphones from AKG. 9:49. Customisable in-ear headphones make the most of high-quality tracks. If you have a truly gigantic head, you may have a little trouble. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for AKG Y50 Yellow On-Ear Headphone with In-Line One-Button Universal Remote/Microphone, Yellow at Amazon.com. AKG N40. BA1 1UA. You will receive a verification email shortly. The AKG Y50 are similar to the Beats Solo 2 in terms of what they’re out to with sound. Again, finer detail prevails through the dense sections of the track, subtle xylophones passing through clearly, and the wordless choir prominent among the foreground instrumentals. They come in a variety of color options to fit anyone's lifestyle, and provide a taste of … If you’re repelled by it, AKG also makes an all-black version that’s a lot less like a TV prop designed for eye-catching product placement. It should look silly, it should look over the top. It only takes a passing glance to see these are AKG’s handiwork. Absolutely not. The mix of aluminium and plastic leave the Y500s feeling st… Link AKG Acoustics on Youtube. The AKG Y50 destroy the Beats Solo 2 on value. The level of build and audio quality the AKG Y50 deliver for their £80 asking price is astounding. Balanced and insightful, there’s equilibrium between the song’s clap beats, chirpy vocals and ever-present cymbals – though, if anything, bass throbs a little over-enthusiastically with the drumbeat. AKG Y50 Review The AKG Y50s provide a punchy, bass-rich experience for music fans on a budget.
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