The RHA L1 sports a 4000mAh Li-ion battery and it more or less provides 10 hours of playback. On the front, the CL1 is etched with the RHA logo right before the discreet bass port for the dynamic driver and on the inside, you have the CL1 moniker right beside a fairly visible r/l designation letter. You can learn more about it in the Out of the Box articleI published. Certain instruments though will gain from this boosting from 2k upwards are percussive and rhythm instruments and this is likely what you will be drawn to first when listening to the CL1 if a source throws a ton of cymbal, hi-hat and synth work.
  • Ohrstöpsel aus Silikon und Comply™ -Schaumstoff
  • With the Comply tips, I get the best seal and the ideal level of comfort. There’s no denying that the RHA CL1 has a focus on the higher mids and treble but that somehow doesn’t surprise me looking at how RHA evolved between with the MA600 and this CL1. It is what it is. Founder & Owner of Rein auf das Treibergehäuse bezogen, fällt die große Ähnlichkeit zum RHA T20i … To hammer this association into stone RHA are pitching the CL1 in balanced mode also. This tip pairing is just perfect and they really have not come off the CL1 so the majority of the sound impressions have been formed with these in use. RHA CL1 Ceramic und Astell & Kern AK T8iE Sowohl der RHA CL1 als auch der Astell & Kern AK T8iE agieren in den unteren Oktaven mit hoher Agilität, die frei von „Dicklichkeit“ zu einer fließenden und mitreißenden Darstellung des Tieftonbereichs führt. Ich bin mir sicher, beim CL2 oder wie auch immer er genannt wird, wird man diese Defizite ausmerzen können. With looks and sonic prowess being a known calling card, RHA is truly a reputable premium player in the world of headphone brands. You have the traditional excellent zip case with RHA moniker, only this time instead of faux leather you have a tougher nylon finish and perhaps a shade deeper. Allein die leichte Unnatürlichkeit im Hochton und in der Räumlichkeit vermiesen ihm die Bestnote. When you’re using a source with configurable output volume that’s not an issue but when using the USB OTG of the AK70 the volume always is maxed out. Der RHA CL1 Ceramic gibt sich äußerlich makellos verarbeitet, hochwertig, robust und überzeugt mit angenehmem Tragekomfort.
  • 3,5mm Klinkenkabel im sMMCX-Standard
  • Schutzetui und Kleider-Clip
  • RHA’s latest flagship earphones go by the name of RHA CL1 Ceramic. So sind im Lieferumfang elf verschiedene Ohrstöpsel-Sets aus Silikon und Comply™-Schaumstoff mit dabei, ein Kleiderclip, ein Reinigungstuch sowie ein hochwertiges Schutzetui. Herausgekommen ist ein (zum Patent angemeldeter) formbarer Ohrbügel, der elegant über und hinter dem Ohr verläuft. Der RHA CL1 Ceramic kostet 449,95 Euro.
  • Klinkenadapter 3,5 mm auf 6,35 mm
  • Inside RHA; Journal; Support; Search. Somit sind ein fester Sitz und trotzdem maximaler Komfort gewährleistet. Login. Yet it’s not a straight up and down peak, more stretched over the entire presence or lower treble region. Learn how your comment data is processed. Wird er direkt an ein Smartphone, einen kleinen Music Player oder direkt an den Computer angeschlossen, kann er schnell rauh und hart klingen. RHA did not spare any expenses when designing the Dacamp L1’s packaging. No, it’s more engaging than that as I always find the word musical to be more of an easy going term for low to midrange coloration and relaxed highs. You do get that “hifi” sound then from the CL1 but it not a token peak. That ceramic plate really makes its presence known. Much like the bass response, the CL1 treble has two particular areas of focus or elevation rather than one clear peak and the usual mini 12-13k mini “hifi” tail off on some competing IEMs. My previous pair of headphones were beats x and i loved them and if you are a fan of the base the beats provide and wouldn't want to compromise on the base then this are not for you coz RHA trueconnect provides a more neutral sound compared to beats you will find the base lacking. Price & Accessories . As RHA’s flagship in-ear headphone, it brings together an array of new technologies, materials and designs to set it apart, and above, not only other RHA products, but also products in the wider in-ear headphone market. The CL1 is the flagship of RHA’s new CL series of IEMs which are pitched to be a bit more specialist in use and appeal than the rest of their line-up. RHA claim that this process will kill distortion with a low resonance and keep everything rather durable in the process. Zudem ist er mit gerade mal 14 Gramm auch noch federleicht. Yet at the same time, despite the elaborate layering of bits and pieces in the box a lot of it is legacy and familiar to RHA fans. RHA have declined to focus the majority of the CL1 low energy here though. Find the right setup, the right selection of music and the tonality can suddenly become detailed, dynamic, and very absorbing. I would also hesitate to give it a general tonal temperature because there is a bit of a mix in the curve. Angeschlossen habe ich ihn am symmetrischen Ausgang mit dem XLR-Kabel. The ceramic plate kicking in post 8k also produces a more energetic post 10k to 12k response from the CL1 in contrast to quite a lot of other IEMs trailing off post 10k with only a minor bump around 12k. RHA have always supplied an excellent selection of tips and the CL1 is no different with no less than 4 different types of tips in the box. They are also significantly smaller than either of the T -series injection molded steel drivers. Outside of the CL1 and CL750 pairings, the L1 will also appeal to audiophile smartphone users looking for a powerful DAC and amp that is OTG and iOS compliant as well as those desktop users who want a DAC out solution for their laptop and IEM or headphone pairing. Yes that’s serious money for an RHA IEM but looking at today’s market and the prices companies are charging for universal IEMs, that’s actually not so bad. Since the CL1 comes with that balanced cable as standard you will be hard pressed not to ponder the buy it now option on the L1 amp page on the basis of “what if?”. Truth be told this is the review I have been looking forward to the most for Q1 2017 simply because it is not a vanilla sound and neither is it a “me too” IEM. There I said it and for those that have tasted this “delicacy” will know exactly what I mean by that term because the RHA CL1 is exactly that in a more enticing wrapper. Kaufen Sie kabellose Kopfhörer und Ohrhörer im britischen Design. Die perfekte Paarung für überragende Präzision Der The price of the RHA CL1 is 449.95€ or you can get it in a combo pack with Dacamp L1 for €949.95. Zum fünften Geburtstag hat sich RHA selbst ein Geschenk gemacht: Den CL1 Ceramic, sowie seinen exzellenten Spielpartner, den mobilen DAC und Kopfhörerverstärker Dacamp L1. But yes, the L1 with normal and easy to drive ear/headphones is LOUD. There is nothing really overly neutral with the CL1 midrange with a fairly large drop from 350Hz to around 1k and then a pretty quick rise again from 2k right up to around 8k. Now 2017, they released new ‘CL-1’ in-ear headphone using ‘Zirconium Oxide’ for high-end head-fi … Even more striking is the CL1 driver capability for accurate imaging, producing accurate spatial cues even in complex presentations. The CL1 Ceramic is the most challenging product RHA has ever developed. Some male vocals, the really low-end stuff like a bass pitch (Bass: E2–E4) might lack a little body also. NEW TrueControl ANC back in stock Monday. Back then it was albums, rock concerts and interviews with a typewriter for the local rag. The RHA DacAmp L1 is very powerful and with a lot of my inears & monitors I can only use a millimeter or 2 on the volume dial, luckily there’s no channel imbalance. 16 – 22,000 Hz. , Ohrstöpsel aus Silikon und Comply™ -Schaumstoff. They have also boosted the midbass midrange to provide a sense of impact to go alongside the more than decent sub-bass presence. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. UK. Bestellen Sie direkt im Hifi-Passion-Shop oder beim Fachhändler Ihres Vertrauens. Not 2.5mm TRRS sadly, that would have been the dream ticket, but with a mini-XLR optional cable which slots in perfectly into the mini-XLR slot of the DACAMP L1. It can get mighty distracting on high energy pop and rock and with a neutral source as this is where the perception of the CL1 being peaky or bright will start to creep in. At the heart is the use of a dual transducer config of a dedicated driver for everything sub 8k (bass and mids) and a ceramic plate with crossover for everything post 8k meaning the top end of the frequency range. These include: As before all of these tips can be mounted in their stainless steel tip holder tray which also fits rather nicely onto one side of the carry case though I am not entirely sure if that is the intended outcome but it works nevertheless. Now 2017, they released new ‘CL-1’ in-ear headphone using … Klanglich spricht er insbesondere Hörer … This cable is also finished with RHA’s excellent coiled memory wire for hooking around the ear with supreme ease and come with a very attractive metal tube y-split and plastic chin strap. Der CL1 Ceramic braucht aufgrund seines Bedarfsprofils mit 150 Ohm Impedanz und einer Empfindlichkeit von 89 dB Liebe und Sorgfalt bei der Kombination mit seinem Spielpartner. Für Verstärker Hergestellt Für Verstärker Hergestellt RHA TrueConnect - Kohlenschwarz: Wahre drahtlose Ohrhörer mit Bluetooth 5 und Schweißschutz für sportliche Aktivitäten : DE 284 522 420, Registergericht: Bremen, HRB 28053 HB Geschäftsführer: Nils Makossa, 4-pol Mini-XLR und 3,5 mm Klinke im MMCX-Standard,