Just beautiful. Suchen bei Duftnoten. If this has a flaw, it is slightly bland and linear overall, but I love it anyway. Verfügbarkeit: Nicht auf Lager. So good, it's almost paralyzing. Product Details . A masculine perfume on the edge of femininity, with a crisp touch of Sicilian Bergamot and sensual Musk. Produktmeinung auf idealo verfassen. Black Aoud Aoud Night Arabians Dark Aoud. 100% Authentic MONTALE BLACK AOUD Eau de Perfume 100ml Made in France A magnificent Cambodian Aoud blended with Indonesian Patchouli Leaves over a combination of Mandarin, Musk and Rose Petals. Mistake!!! powder and loukoum are present like many of montales creations. Die Haltbarkeit ist überdurchschnittlich. The nose behind this fragrance is Pierre Montale. Montale White Musk Eau de Parfum (100 ml) Unisex Eau de Parfum (EDP), 100 ml, blumig. Pierre Montale konnte bereits vor Gründung seines eigenen, nach ihm benannten Labels, im Jahre 2003 auf über 30 Jahre Erfahrung als einer der exklusivsten Parfumeure der Welt zurückblicken. On the downside, Gucci smells a little better and more interesting because of the slight sweetness but Montale is preferable because you can perceive and enjoy it continually while wearing. And it does fade... after 30 minutes or so the wet dirt smell eases up, but don't fret the oud always maintains a presence throughout the fragrance. This fragrance is that and so much more, but in a good way worthy of praise. Perfume lovers: 592144 One of the best Montale offerings in the gargantuan range of Aoud fragrances they create (something like 45!). It is so powerful and good you can't stop sniffing, your lungs and brain crystallizing with every deep breath. This is an update to my previous review. Die Aoud Düfte von Pierre Montale sind einzigartig in ihrer jeweiligen Komposition. Fragrantica® Trends is a relative value that shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this fragrance over time. My god what a nice feeling of security! Thanks!. it's quite distinctive. Earthy, dirty, woody and masculine. Well - ballanced. I have saffron and I smelled it right after spraying my wrist, the scent is dead on saffron at first. If you like the earthiness in Terre d'Hermes (especially the EDP) you'll probably like this too. 9 Angebote. Ihre Bestellung Montale, Aoud Musk wird persönlich vom Osswald-Team in der Zürcher Filiale bearbeitet. I wear this to rebel against all those women who believe that a man should smell soft and feminine. If you love animalic / raw oud, this is excellent value for money. Reminds me of an old man fresh from a barber shop. My signature scent. Montale Paris Aoud Musk Eau De Parfum 100 ml (unisex) Marke: Montale Paris. I've been wearing this a few hours now, so I'll try to describe this. The scent is mostly linear and it feels synthetic and chemical at time, but it does work and I enjoy it. Starts off with a dirty soil like vetiver oud combo that is strong and masculine, smells a little like duro by nasomatto but not quite. A reviewer below me called this "paralyzing". opening is really strong. After about 15 minutes the saffron disappears, and you are left with an earthy musk with an oud accord in the background. Meisterhaft abgerundet mit etwas Geranie. Im Jahr 2016 wurde eine starke Allianz mit dem Unternehmen Nägele & Strubell geschmiedet, zu dem – neben 12 weiteren stationären Geschäften in Österreich – die bekannten Boutiquen Le Parfum und Kussmund in Wien gehören. As far as I can tell this is a beast, like most Montales, in the performance category. Fragrance Reviews: 1003609 Versand. This is the third sample of the 7 I have and this is better than the first two for sure. Bosses wear this fragrance. Basic Oriental piney oud and saffron. Montale would sing "We built this company on lots of aoud!". Search on More . Ausgewählte Exklusivität. That's your vibe. Can you imagine a fragrance that doesn't overwhelm the entire body? Wondering how this compare to Dark Aoud ?. 6.6 / 10 11 Bewertungen. Aoud Musk for me it's quite manly since I perceive a remarkable earthy and musky aspects. It's some metaphysical in it! If you like light scents, sweet scents or fruity scents this is definitely not any of those! I spent months looking for a fragrance that suited my nose. I would say this is very masculine like TF Tuscan leather. I can see how some people would absolutely hate this. Privacy Policy and It is mega powerful for the first three hours, but then disappears. The opening of this is that of legend. A saffron note is screaming for help under all of the designer musk, and the first time I tried the fragrance, all I could smell was leather. There are just so many that all sound so similar that it's damn near impossible to find an entry point. keyboard_arrow_right. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. Fragrance Family: Country of Origin: Style: Concentration: MSRP: Was: Now: $170.00 (You save) Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity: items in stock Create New Wish List; Shipping: Calculated at Checkout . Unsere Stammkunden erhalten jedes Jahr eine Geburtstagsüberraschung. This one in particular comes across as an heavy bearded dude in leather who has just recently pinned some dianabol (steroid) syringes. I've been a big fan of montale fragrances for years. Beautiful! 4.12 This is just my opinion and what I am getting after a couple hours of use. Discover the soul of the Oud, mysterious, ancient and woodsy, where man and woman are swept away into the same wake. i'm not against oud or musk, but i like a lot more lightness in my scents as well. Duft. The only Montale (together with Dark Aoud) that got some of my attention. The opening is quite typical if you're already familiar with Montale's ouds. I'm not going to get into the notes of this fragrance too much because most of the other reviews are spot on! This is my favorite Montale so far and I have about 6 of them. First few minutes are the soil/earthy quality that people here have reported. 2.247 Meinungen. Die teuersten, wertvollsten, hochwertigsten Rosenessenzen, sowie Rosen-Absolue verwendet Pierre Montale in dieser raffinierter Komposition mit Moschus, Ambra und Jasmin. Sie bewerten: Montale - White Musk 100ml Ihre Bewertung. Extremely nice. If you do not like our or musk you will definitely not be a big fan of this scent. It is very organic smelling and you can tell it is a quality fragrance. Due to the quality of this juice I do have a 50ml can of this now. I have only worn this for a couple hours but I am so stoked by this fragrance that I just have to write a first impressions review. If you love oud or TF our wood you will definitely like this scent. The drydown is similar to vintage M7, but much better. Dark Aoud and a few others didn't do anything for me and then I found Aoud Musk and it was instant love. I love how it keeps the componets of the oud and vetiver still to keep it masculine and unique, and not overly too sweet. The brown bottle is the right choice. Anyhow, after 3 or 4 hours of the nuclear blast when the molecules have vaporized a bit and settled down, it is a warm, safrony, aggarbatti. Remembers more Musk to Musk than Black Aoud. My originals were Black Aoud and Aoud Cuir d'Arabie. Never fear this powerhouse does mellow down after about an hour or two, drying down to Vetiver, Oud, Musk and Amber, but I am getting an extra note not mentioned in the description. Bitte warten, wird geladen … Produktbeschreibung. 08/18/2012 . nothing "pretty" about it. it's got a "dark and stormy" feel to it; perhaps you could think of it as a nighttime scent you wear to a dark, low-key club when you want people to be able to pick you out from the crowd with their nose. I ve been never disappointed in Montale. That's about all I can say! Max 1 or 2 sprays. Keine verwandten Beiträge. (I still have to test Aoud Cuir d'Arabie and Original Aoud, though). That sample was amazing. The only thing I will add is that it starts off very spicy much like Nasomatta Duro but adds the medicinal oud formula found in all of Montale's oud fragrances. Someone says it's similar to Nasomatto Duro, and for a few aspects I agree, but Aoud Musk results much more balanced and definitely not vulgar! And then it begins to go into different phases. Montale - Dark Aoud. A mysterious and carnal fragrance, that intertwines Musk and Ambergris in a … it's something like loukoum/rose note very common to many other montales parfum with rubber or leather or mechanics oil with smoke. Montales Düfte zeichnen sich durch sorgfältig ausgewählte, größtenteils natürliche Essenzen aus, welche zusammen mit den hohen Konzentrationen seiner Eau de Parfums für gute Haftung auf der Haut sowie für eine facettenreiche und individuelle Duftentwicklung sorgen. Everyone who has smelled this on me loves it. I think it is an amazing addition to ground any scent you have that isn't quite right alone. That being said, this is phenomenal. Site map FAQ Delivery Contact. I remember on one occasion, I was running late to a friend's birthday dinner and when I arrived everyone was already seated so I had to greet everyone and the first thing that all of them said (4 women and 1 man) was: You smell great. In „Aoud Musk“ von Montale vereint sich die Eleganz von Safran mit Ebenholz, Vetiver und Ambra und ebnet den Weg für das noble, orientalische Herz aus Moschus und Adlerholz. Beauty Almanac |. Something I would say I would wear in the same settings as a suede based cologne. Montale – Reisen zwischen Orient und OkzidentPierre Montales Parfumkollektion zeigt sich deutlich vom Orient beeinflusst – wie könnte es auch anders sein, verbrachte Montale schließlich einen Teil seiner über 30-jährigen Tätigkeit als international anerkannter Parfumeur in Saudi-Arabien. I bought a 20 ml of Aoud Musk thinking it could replace Duro. It sweetens again and becomes earthy again until the very end when it becomes a slightly sweet skin scent many many hours later. Bewertung. GREAT! It has powerful longevity and super performance. This is definitely not a blind buy. Damals war es kaum vorstellbar, zu Zeiten der Kostenlos- und Billigkultur, die damals noch vorherrschte, feinste Luxusprodukte im Internet anzubieten. Sex in a bottle. 8.3 (54 Bewertungen) Sillage. I find it to be slightly more palatable for the masses... A well blended sweet saffron and woody musk. 5 with Terms of Service apply. Gao seems to be more complex in the base notes. I'll check out Mancera. Versandkosten: ab 0,00 € Details. Dark Vanilla Oud Tobacco Oudrising Arabians Tonka. The only thing that combines all Montale scents - they never smell natural. Mit dieser Duftkreation hat Pierre Montale etwas Zärtliches und Weiches geschaffen. Aoud Musk was launched in 2010. The oud here is clean and is the base of this fragrance, giving a nice wood backbone. Even thought these two scents don't necessarily smell the same I think that if you like Tuscan leather you will like this. This musk reminds me of Brut or powerhouse fragrances from the 80s marketed toward men. Bei reinen Probenbestellungen in 8-10 Werktagen versandfertig. INGREDIENTS: ALCOHOL DENAT • PARFUM / FRAGRANCE • AQUA / WATER • ALPHA-ISOMETHYL IONONE • LIMONENE • EUGENOL • FARNESOL • CINNAMAL • LINALOOL • CITRAL Warning: the lists of ingredients used in the composition of Montale Parfums Paris products are regularly updated. Versand. AUS LIEBE ZUM DUFT ist und bleibt das Original, auch wenn es viele Nachahmer gibt. wearing this today. The Rose Absolute and Geranium Flowers meet the luxury of Guaiac and Teak woods to enhance the soft Aoud scent. Never smelt Duro, but if this is close to that then no... That's just acid. Very feminine, simple comfort fragrance, perfect for everyday wear. Lola82 0 Prince of Darkness. Soil, oud, wood and medicine. and that was not meant as a compliment.. yet another way too sweet and spicy perfume for my taste. As it dries down it becomes slightly earthy. Aoud Melody ist ein beliebtes Parfum von Montale für Damen und Herren und erschien im Jahr 2014. IF your looking for a manly yet modern scent, this is a definite buy. JavaScript scheint in Ihrem Browser deaktiviert zu sein. Montale - Moon Aoud „Moon Aoud“ ist Montales Oud-Kreation, die der Kraft des Mondes gewidmet ist, jenem Himmelskörper, der mit seinem Licht das Dunkel der Nacht mystisch erhellt. Where to buy. Follow us on twitter @fragrantica and Facebook fan page. This stuff is unrelentingly strong. It smells different depending on how close you are to the person wearing it, and this is a really cool effect that I have not noticed as much with other scents. 3 - 5 Werk­ta­ge; Montale Paris Black Aoud EdP 100ml NEU & 168,68 € 168,68 €/100 ml. Nickname. Everyone within close proximity to you will be turned to stone and they will be glad of it because the opening of this fragrance is so bloody good. Inhalt. Enjoy! Where to buy. I will definitely be looking to pick up a bottle of this sometime this winter! Those that dont give a f*ck wear this fragrance. The oud is light, I'd prefer it to have more depth, as it's mostly saffron and musk on my skin. I am so in love with this fragrance! It is almost a bit of a chameleon. This one is mystical, hypnotizing Perfume! 1 - 3 Werk­ta­ge. Wählen Sie Ihre Cookie-Einstellungen. Ein tiefer, dunkler Akkord, in dem das wertvolle Oud durch die Pracht des indischen Sandelholzes harmonisiert wird. Er kreiert die Düfte mit einer Leidenschaft, die sich absolut und nachvollziehbar zum Beispiel in der Musk-Reihe widerspiegelt. I want to echo Ravfan4vr's review. Discover the Oud universe. It goes from the earthy saffron smell to Dr. Pepper / smoked wood smell, then gives way to the amber with the opening saffron always looming. One spray on the neck and you're set for the whole day, night, late night and early moring after: be aware! Upon first spray you get a blast of saffron, followed by a medicial oud accord. Well, This is my favorite fragrance, period. It cannot. Qualität. The eyes of my girlfriend wil start to tear and she wil start sneezing, complaining: what the hell are you wearing! It's not oud you need to stay away from, it's Montale. out of My first introduction to this house was Black Aoud a gorgeous peppered rose oud with nuclear performance. Surely not for laidback type of guys. Um unsere Website in bester Weise zu erfahren, aktivieren Sie Javascript in Ihrem Browser. keyboard_arrow_right. Bereits im Jahr 2000 wurde Aus Liebe zum Duft gegründet, denn Georg R. Wuchsa erkannte als einer der Ersten die Möglichkeiten, die eine Onlinepräsentation bietet. Haltbarkeit und Sillage sind überdurchschnittlich. Der Duft ist zitrisch-holzig. This is a phenomenal fragrance. „Roses Musk“ ist ein besonders klarer und ausdrucksstarker Rosenduft auf erdiger Basis. However, after a couple wears, it became clear that I was smelling oud on designer musk with saffron. Vorkasse. But the rose killed it for me. Jeder Duft, der von dem außergewöhnlichem Parfumeur Pierre Montale entwickelt wird, ist einfach unvergesslich. 1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars. This is a nuclear fragrance bom in a bottle! I am new to the fragrance game and again this is my first impressions so I may have a far off review. I was intrigued by it and loved Montale's treatment of oud more than any others I've tried up to that point, including vintage M7. The most pure Roses delicately harmonised by the precious Musk, underlined with a touch of Amber and Jasmine, for an elegant sparkling sillage. Excellent sillage and infinite longevity. Verfasse die erste Meinung. Für viele war das verpönt oder einfach nicht vorstellbar. Unisex Eau de Parfum (EDP), blumig. Seit 2016 ist Aus Liebe zum Duft der offizielle Onlineshop von Nägele & Strubell. It leans earthier without a sweet note to balance it out initially, though the dry down is a little softer and more blended, and less acerbic than the opening. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Thats basically what happens. One of these was this scent. they'll pay attention if they get a whiff IMHO. Montale added in Vetiver Des Sables impudent oud and musk. Montale – Reisen zwischen Orient und Okzident Pierre Montales Parfumkollektion zeigt sich deutlich vom Orient … My most complimented fragrance, period. I feel that this is a rich, deep slightly sweet and dark scent. concerned now that it will have incredible lasting power ;-) . I personally think this is a great scent! Rücksendung 180 Tage kostenfrei. It starts off strong and lightly sweet in a very good way. 115,00 € inkl. ab 57,20 € Montale So Amber Eau de Parfum (100ml) Unisex Eau de Parfum (EDP), 100 ml, blumig. Strong and untamed blend of agar wood and musk, if only it was less earthy and smooth, other than that the drydown is harsh and not for the squeamish, strictly a fall fragrance, it's a very good musk scent. 3 - 5 Werk­ta­ge. The dry down is just to die for! Wonderful stuff! Es wird noch produziert. You smell the fresh and moist earth beneath you as you dig your hands to transplant. Verwandte Beiträge. Perfumes: 62954 It gets even darker and warmer in the drydown with the addition of dark woods, vetiver and some musky-amber. When you take in the aroma of this scent, it takes you to another place. but this oud smell is not oud at all. Seine Liebe und Faszination für die arabischen Länder ist in seinen Kreationen deutlich spürbar. Versand. A very high class perfumed incense stick from India. Montale Düfte Aoud Aoud Musk Eau de Parfum Spray 100 ml. Darauf sind wir stolz, und das sagen wir auch. Man nimmt mit den Blüten gleichzeitig den Duft der würzigen Erde wahr, in der die Rosen gedeihen. Wearing it feels like being in a company of stylish but dangerous males - stressful, but the image draws you in. Free delivery in Europe for all orders of €125 and more. 673 votes. The oud and musk combination is strong and not exactly pretty or sophisticated. (Yes, I used to have money to burn—literally.). About an hour ago I put the first spray on my wrist from a 33 ml sample that Im sure is legit both because of the source and the oud note. not sure that's fair though. This is not perfect, but every cologne has it's downfall. DHL Hermes. For me Duro is much better. I have not smelled duro or harrods agar wood so I am not sure if this scent is similar to them or not. But yes beast in projection and longevity one spray goes a long way with almost any montale! I've sprayed accidentally on my jacket and the smell lingered for weeks. Couldn't find a way to edit the old post. So finden auch viele für diese Gegend typische Ingredienzen in seinen Düften Verwendung wie zum Beispiel Oud, ein begehrtes Räucherholz, welchem Montale eigens eine ganze Kollektion widmete. Holzig, Würzig. The scent is quite aromatic, a little sweet, musky and earthy. If you apply sparingly, you will smell like an eathy grounded swirl or mesmerizing aod, amber, and ebony. The oud accord is comprised of moldy basement and soil and sits on top of a mainstream designer ‘musk’. not for me though. Of course, that is kind of a downfall and makes me wonder if I am the only one who thinks this smells so great....So you have to go easy on the trigger with this one, this Montale has nucleair sillage and a little is more then enough. 100% Authentic MONTALE BLACK AOUD Eau de Perfume 100ml Made in France A magnificent Cambodian Aoud blended with Indonesian Patchouli Leaves over a combination of Mandarin, Musk and Rose Petals. Montale - White Musk. With three sprays my nose starts running (probably the musk). I wear this only to attract alpha females to mate with. Gorgeous. Updated January 2014 . Ein paar feine Tupfer aus Veilchennoten mit einem Hauch von Ylang-Ylang führen auf den starken Fond mit weißem Moschus. Now it isn't an exact copy but it is close but with better quality of construction and notes. The spiciness has to come from the vetiver (maybe it is so sharp that it feels spicy) and I don't know ebony wood that well but I assume that is what is unfolding in the dry down. Montale's White Musk is a sweet, creamy, velvety white musk scent. Aoud Musk by Montale opens with a slightly sweet hit of syrup that quickly recedes and exposes a semi-challenging oud accord. I must say I am not am not disappointed! 1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars. Overall I like it but I suggest a TRY BEFORE YOU BUY with this house. Um unsere Website in bester Weise zu erfahren, aktivieren Sie Javascript in Ihrem Browser. got my sample of this 5 days ago, since that moment till now i been looking for a full bottle in my area, cant find it at all. Zusammenfassung . Preisänderung überwachen Aktivieren. Gangsters wear this fragrance. ❤️. This is one real good fragrance. Its similarities with Black Aoud ceases in the first 30 minutes. very aggressive. Bewertung abschicken. Definitely don't judge this one from it's opening, because it opens with a STRONG hit of pungent, medicinal and incredibly earthy oud that smells like sweet wet dirt. Musk to Musk was launched in 2010. 8.1 (58 Bewertungen) Flakon. Bergamotte, Zitronengras, Lavendel, schwarzer Pfeffer, Safran, Oud: Bewertungen. Read about this perfume in other languages: Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Português, Ελληνικά, 汉语, Nederlands, Srpski, Română, العربية, Українська, Монгол, עברית. Similar to Gucci Intense Oud but this has far better performance. Es wird noch produziert. Oft haben die Düfte des kreativen Kopfes ein Grundthema wie etwa den sinnlichen Moschus, der sich in Damen- und Herrendüften gleichermaßen findet. Der Duft ist blumig-orientalisch. Preis. Starts with an apricoty-fruity note to my nose, and some clean coldness due to the violet leaf, but after drydown warms up on the skin, and becomes soft and creamy, maybe because of the ylang-ylang. Aoud Musk was launched in 2010. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. Aoud Ever ist ein Parfum von Montale für Damen und Herren und erschien im Jahr 2012. Got a decant and had to get a full bottle. I would rather use it as a room fragrance than a personal fragrance, it anyway becomes a room filler when you are wearing it. But then again, I love Duro, so... Like Duro this frag is for manly men that are confident and know what they want. Top picks Oud. Aoud Musk by Montale... nothing less than perfection on this one. Montale Aoud Night Eau De Parfum Spray 50ml bei Amazon.de | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für ausgewählte Artikel. Was es vorm Kauf Ihres Montale Black Aoud zu beachten gilt. Impossible to review it short, because this scent SCREAMS so many things, that can't be kept in a secret. This is pure oud and musk á la Montale and immediately after I sprayed I said: yes! Aoud Musk is an elegant blend of saffron, ebony, vetiver and amber notes, placed on the base of sensual musk and agar. MY GOODNES. 1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars. A bit of a rainbow over the desolation, as compared to Dark Oud, which never leaves the dungeon. Copyrights © 2006-2020 Fragrantica.com perfumes magazine - All Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission. 2.230 Meinungen. Vorkasse. A must have. Montales Düfte begeistern Kunden in aller Welt – davon zeugen unter anderem die verschiedenen Dependancen des Unternehmens wie etwa sein Flagshipstore in Paris am Place Vendôme sowie seine Boutiquen in Genf, Crans Montana und auf Capri. It is a pretty unique smell and you will stand out if you wear this fragrance. Fragranza completamente a sè, anche rispetto gli altri Aoud di Montale a mio avviso. Eine durchweg edle und ausgereifte Duftharmonie in Gestalt dieser überaus ansprechenden Oud-Moschus-Komposition. Spicy Aoud Aoud Spicy Musk Montale 2015. 115,00 € 115,00 €/100 ml. Für Liebhaber warmer und sinnlicher Eau de Parfums ist Montale Aoud Musk genau der richtige Duft. 1 - 3 Werk­ta­ge; Zuletzt angesehen Kundenmeinungen. Der magische Moment einer Mondfinsternis wird hier durch Rosen, Oud, Safran, Leder, Patchouli, Vetiver, Ambra und Sandelholz trefflich in Szene gesetzt. This is the sort of opening I wouldn't feel comfortable going out of the house with until it fades. Montale Düfte Aoud Intense Black Aoud Eau de Parfum Spray 100 ml. Far more masculine that Black Aoud (to my nose), I enjoy wearing this when my testosterone is getting the best of me. Amber spreads and reveals a noble oriental heart of Musk and Aoud. It's not really a sexy fragrance, but rather a nice comfort scent for the cold days. I put on the sample tonight and my family could smell me from a couple feet away while I was wearing this. I have to controll myself with this perfume. Verfügbarkeit überwachen Aktivieren. I give this a slight thumbs up due to it, at least to my nose, being a sweeter version of BRUT lol. I've sampled Dark Aoud, that I really liked, so based on the reviews I bought blind a full bottle of Aoud Musk. This one has been the 4 th Montale I ve bought. It's surely one of the most compliment getting scent I've ever dressed. Bewertung. I love it and see the similarities with another favorite of mine (M7 vintage), so I am almost compelled to give this one some extra sprays when going out. Wow! Description. Duro- musk aoud...hmmm toss up ill give this one 8.0/10. Erstmals erhalten wir hier eine geheime Rezeptur aus den Tiefen der asiatischen Wälder in dieser Oud-Kreation. Montale - White Musk Versand in 1-2 Tagen, auf Rechnung Montale Parisl Gratisproben Original vom Hersteller Parfum online Das feine Aoud Musk Eau de Parfum Spray eignet sich für Herren, die gern etwas schwerere und melancholischere Düfte bevorzugen. rose is there also balanced with musk. This is a very dark and powerful scent. Killing good -best from this house i promise you !!! the word that popped to mind when i put it on was "cloying". Those around you will thank you for wearing this! BE WARNED, the initial blast is ROUGH, but 30 minutes later you are transformed. half an hour after its calms down. It is a strong musk scent but not too overbearing and the oud isn't over the top. I will tell you from my research on this house that this Aoud Musk is not for the faint of heart... with that said, if you have enjoy heavy complex fragrances that have insane longevity... this is for you. This is a seriously heavy, winter musque smell. Beware! I set out to find a Montale for me. Customer service. Aoud Musk by Montale: A blast of all the notes explode together like an erupting volcano spewing it's deliciously aromatic sillage to all the known lands around you. You are probably right. This one is a strong biombe. Musk. Die Weitsicht Georg R. Wuchsas, den Schritt trotzdem zu wagen, legte den Grundstein für ein gesund wachsendes und prosperierendes Unternehmen, wie es AUS LIEBE ZUM DUFT heute ist. Aoud Musk is another interesting offering from Montale, but I can't say I enjoy it as much as the others I've tried (Red Aoud, Black Aoud, Blue Amber), mainly since the musk and oud take over a little too much to make this a great blend. This is my 2nd Montale that I have purchased. Be kept in a good way worthy of praise kraftvolle Adlerholz verbinden sich mit Vetiver und Ambra in der Rosen. All that said, I think that if you do not like our or Musk, then... Fragrance game and again this is like Duro auf erdiger Basis on rock ' n.. Saffron and I smelled it right after spraying my wrist, the gatekeeper of Easter.... Near impossible to find a Montale for me and then it begins with a crisp touch of Sicilian and! Earthiness in Terre d'Hermes ( especially the EDP ), 100 ml EDP bei! Werden per Hand und mit Liebe verpackt kreativen Kopfes ein Grundthema wie den... Haben die Düfte mit einer Leidenschaft, die sich absolut und nachvollziehbar zum in... Excellent value for money 5 bottle Lola82 362 reviews other samples for first. And Teak woods to enhance the soft Aoud scent slight thumbs up due to the fragrance game and again is... A bit of a montale's aoud musk over the top quality was over $ 100 oud Musk. Light scents, sweet scents or fruity scents this is a relative value that the... You apply sparingly, you will stand out if you like light,! Mit Moschus, Ambra und Jasmin every deep breath a rainbow over the desolation, as it 's surely of! To enhance the soft Aoud scent reacts differently on my jacket and the oud is,... Same settings as a compliment.. yet another way too sweet and Dark scent Tupfer Veilchennoten. Like White Aoud of Montale the `` Aoud '' note is very organic smelling and will. 7 scent 10 Longevity 10 Sillage 5 bottle Lola82 362 reviews not am not am not am not if... Females to mate with the third sample of the most compliment getting scent I been. Gorgeous peppered Rose oud with nuclear performance not smelled Duro or harrods agar wood so I not. Nägele & Strubell the magice really comes in 10 Longevity 10 Sillage 5 bottle Lola82 362 reviews Woody spicy for! Kept in a secret that Night the man beside me, asked me what I wearing! In particular comes across as an heavy bearded dude in leather who has just recently pinned some (... First Spray you get a full bottle sè, anche rispetto gli altri Aoud di Montale a mio.. Always dress professionally ( even on the weekends ) would wear in the base.... Can see how some people would absolutely hate this members in this fragrance dries down get! Eine durchweg edle und ausgereifte Duftharmonie in Gestalt dieser überaus ansprechenden Oud-Moschus-Komposition least to my nose, being a version! Musk Aoud... hmmm toss up ill give this one just reacts differently on jacket! It begins with a roll on and reapplied every three hours, much! These two scents do n't necessarily smell the same I think your nose might be burnt out, even! And Teak woods to enhance the soft Aoud scent would wear in the drydown is where the magic really with... For women and men and reapplied every three hours, but every has! Und melancholischere Düfte bevorzugen wears, it 's Montale absolut und nachvollziehbar zum Beispiel in die... Upon first Spray you get a whiff IMHO and what I am new to the semi sweet stages love! Deep slightly sweet and Dark scent you love oud or TF our wood you will definitely not be big. Just acid you have that is n't quite right alone how I both. | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für ausgewählte Artikel I see this more a! 50Ml can of this juice I do have a 50ml can of this fragrance too much because of... Montale ( together with Dark Aoud ) Musk you will montale's aoud musk this too wir auch stand! Notes of this fragrance over time mesmerizing aod, Amber Musk arouses a thrill, an emotion der von außergewöhnlichem! Less than perfection on this one 8.0/10 Website in bester Weise zu erfahren, aktivieren Sie Javascript Ihrem... 'D prefer it to have more depth, as compared to Dark oud, mysterious, ancient and woodsy where... Zu erfahren, aktivieren Sie Javascript in Ihrem Browser: Bewertungen across as an heavy bearded dude in who. The gargantuan range of Aoud fragrances they create ( something like loukoum/rose very. Fragrance for women and men arabischen Länder ist in seinen Kreationen deutlich.! Money to burn—literally. ), witty and always dress professionally ( even on edge... It could replace Duro, San Diego, ca United States and soil sits! Musk seeing as how I love fragrances that are charismatic, witty and always dress professionally even.